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Precious Metals Trading

Municipal Bank AD has been a permanent player on the Bulgarian national commemorative coins, foreign investment coins, and valuables markets, maintaining a rich assortment of items since December 2003.
The Bank offers investors and collectors – individuals and legal entities alike – some of the most popular gold and silver investment coins, bars and other kinds of investment gold, with authenticity guaranteed by certificates. Together with Global Coins and Medals OOD, Municipal Bank AD offers the exceptional possibility for investment gold to be bought in real time in practically unlimited quantities thus the customer getting physical gold right at the time of buying.
The customers of Municipal Bank AD may buy gold or silver collection coins and special issues with limited circulation, theme sets, and collection series for themselves or as a valuable and beautiful present.
The rich choice of coins and limited coin collections offered by Municipal Bank AD is guaranteed, within the quotas for Bulgaria, by the representation agreements on the territory of the country between Global Coins and Metals OOD and the leading mints and banks of issue.
The Bank also offers a wide range of collection articles and prestigious presents related to banking and precious metals.
The valuables are available to buy at the Bank’s Head Office and branches, in accordance with a price list drawn up monthly depending on the stock exchange prices of the precious metals used for their production. Upon individual customer’s request with advance payment, the Bank also offers specific supplies of investment gold of different kind, weight, and price in compliance with a sample request form filled in.

Prices of the commemorative coins, foreign investment coins, and valuables


For additional information please turn to:

  • Municipal Bank AD, Head Office – telephone: (02) 93 56 613
  • Municipal Bank AD’s branches.

Exchange Rates 21.1.2022

Buy 1.94620
Sell 1.96000
BNB Fixed Rate 1.95583
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Sell 1.76530
BNB Fixed Rate 1.72502
Buy 1.85670
Sell 1.92670
BNB Fixed Rate 1.88387
Buy 2.30630
Sell 2.38630
BNB Fixed Rate 2.34892

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