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Do you have a question? An opinion? A suggestion? Or maybe you have encountered a problem? Please, let us know.


Please use the feedback form only if you want to ask a question or express an opinion.


If you wish to file a complaint, you may do so as follows: - at a branch and / or office of the Bank or via email at: contacts@municipalbank.bg.


In case the complaint is related to personal data: at dpo@municipalbank.bg.


If you choose to file a complaint at the email address provided above, please download the complaint form here. If you are disputing a transaction, please do not forget to fill in the Questionnaire for payment card transactions or the Questionnaire for Internet banking transactions.


Information about the process of complaint consideration at Municipal Bank AD


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Exchange Rates 17.8.2022

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Sell 2.06470
BNB Fixed Rate 2.03203
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BNB Fixed Rate 2.32234

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