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0700 1 58 85
02/93 00 181 - phone number for 24/7 contact with the bank's cardholders
02/93 00 181
phone number for 24/7 contact with the bank's cardholders
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CHF 1.98140 2.06140 2.02341
GBP 2.28430 2.36430 2.32353
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Intorducing MB-mobile – where excellent financial solutions are always available. Manage your accounts, make fast and secure payments and track your spending with ease - no matter where you are.

Effortless comfort

  • MB-mobile's intuitive interface makes banking convenient for you anywhere and anytime. Manage your finances with ease and confidence.

Your bank just a click away

  • With MB-mobile you bank affordably, quickly and conveniently from your mobile phone by ordering transfers, making inquiries, transferring funds to a savings account, paying taxes, fees, fines and much more. Moreover, you handle accounts for which you have rights of disposal (documentally certified in a branch of the Bank by the actual account holder).

High level of security

  • Bank with pleasure and peace of mind in a safe and secure way.

Get started now

  • Step 1: Request the use of  "Mobile Banking" service at any branch of Municipal Bank AD.
  • Step 2: Download MB-mobile to your phone for free today.   





  • Step 3: Register by entering username and password.
  • Step 4: Activate the app with the received six-digit code and create a PIN.
  • Step 5: Choose a method to log in and confirm operations - with a PIN or a fingerprint.