Preferential Terms for Lending to Individuals

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Target segment and criteria to be met by the individual client - a natural person of the bank: 

  1. For persons practising a liberal profession –professional accountants; consultants; auditors; lawyers; notaries; private enforcement agents; jurors; experts with the court and the prosecuting magistracy; licensed appraisers; industrial property agents; medical specialists; translators and interpreters; architects; engineers; site managers; intellectuals, educators, artists and scientists; insurance agents; other natural persons in respect of whom the following conditions simultaneously exist: (a) they carry out a professional activity for their own account; (b) they are not registered as sole traders; (c) they are self-insured persons within the meaning given by the Social Insurance Code (within the meaning of item 29, para. 1 of the Supplementary Provisions of the Personal Income Tax Act).

The natural person is required to have grossannual income from the liberal profession practiced amounting to  at least BGN 20 000.

  1. For persons occupying  managerial positions in enterprises and/ or organizations, whether they are clients of the bank or not (for example: trade companies in structure-determining industries; budget enterprises, medical institutions; school institutions; district and regional courts; prosecutor's office; non-profit organizations and others).

The individual must hold a managerial position specified in class 1, pursuant to The National Classification of Professions and Positions, 2011 (published on the NRA website)

  1. For persons working under employment and/or official legal relations in enterprises and/or organizations - whether such are clients of the bank or not (for example: specialists in natural and technical sciences – power engineers; medical professionals – physicians, pharmacists; teachers; business and administrative specialists – accountants, financial analysts; specialists in information and communication technologies – system analysts, software developers, application programmers; technicians and application specialists; other groups of professions and positions).

The individual is required to have a net monthly income formed from employment and/or official legal relations of at least BGN 2 500.