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02/93 00 181
phone number for 24/7 contact with the bank's cardholders
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  • No monthly principal repayments;
  • Free„Life insurance“.


Currency Bulgarian leva
Size up to 85 % of the estimated subsidy amount
Term 1 year (12 months)
Annual interest rate from 5.90 - variable interest rate
Fees and commissions
  • for creditworthiness and collateral analysis- from BGN 20 to BGN 320 depending on the loan size;
  • for renegotiation (in case of interest rate changes) - 1% of the outstanding principal.
  • First-ranking special pledge on future receivables from SF „Agriculture“;
  • Pledge on claims on current accounts with the Bank.
Age of the loan applicant Min. 20 years as of the loan decision.
Max. 65 years on the loan repayment date.
Special requirements Loan for registered farmers who:
  • have a minimum of two years of experience in agricultural production;
  • have received subsidies in the previous year on an account with the Bank.
  • one-time repayment at the end of the period (monthly interest repayment and one-time principal repayment) with an option for partial repayment of the loan with each subsidy amount received throughout the term;
  • in three installments, consistent with the term and amount of the expected subsidies.
Required documents
  • Statement - Request for a bank consumer loan;
  • Identity document and registration card of an agricultural producer, certified for the relevant year by the District Directorate „Agriculture“;
  • Statement of economic connectivity of the individual to other persons;
  • Documents proving the income for the past two years (Annual Tax Return pursuant to Art. 50 of the Personal Income Tax Act);
  • A copy of the Application for support for the relevant agricultural year submitted to the State Fund „Agriculture“ containing a Unique Registration number;
  • Certificate of declared areas/livestock schemes from SF „Agriculture“, containing an IBAN of the borrower with the Bank;
  • Other documents at the Bank's discretion.

Representative example

Loan size Interest rate APR Term Total loan costs Total amount due
BGN 15 000 6.40% 10.27% 12 months BGN 795.08 BGN 15 795.08

Fees, commissions and other costs included in the total loan costs:

  • Annual interest rate - 5.90% - variable interest rate (Methodology of Municipal Bank AD for the formation of a variable interest rate on loans granted to individuals);
  • one-time creditworthiness and collateral analysis commission – BGN 270