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December 2016
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
30.09.2016 Municipal Bank opened an account with Clearstream Banking S.A. Luxembourg
10.09.2016 Participate in the promo-campaign of Municipal Bank in connection with the popularization of the service METROPASS and You can also win a prize
09.09.2016 Municipal Bank increases its capital with over 11 per cent
August 2016
24.08.2016 The interest for METROPASS is increasing – the innovative transport application of Municipal Bank
July 2016
25.07.2016 We will travel easy and convenient in the subway with a debit card issued by Municipal Bank
12.07.2016 Municipal Bank supports the education of children with diabetes
June 2016
30.06.2016 Notification for termination of offered service
27.06.2016 Notification for a change in the "Terms and Conditions of Municipal Bank AD under a contract for issuance and use of an international credit card MasterCard"
16.06.2016 Municipal Bank made changes in the contracts for loan/overdraft of individuals.
06.06.2016 Municipal Bank is already in South-West University
May 2016
20.05.2016 Marcel Roy: “Municipal bank is an example of a good European public bank”
12.05.2016 Municipal Bank will celebrate 20 years with a concert
10.05.2016 Sofia Municipality and Municipal Bank started a campaign for financial literacy
March 2016
30.03.2016 Changes in Terms and Conditions for individuals
29.03.2016 Closure of financial center Botevgrad
15.03.2016 Preferences with your contactless debit MasterCard
February 2016
25.02.2016 Anniversary proposal: Pay with no commissions Property Tax and Household Waste Fee due to Sofia Municipality at counter of Municipal Bank
01.02.2016 Municipal Bank starts a special jubilee program with products for its 20th anniversary
January 2016
29.01.2016 Municipal Bank Plc has started issuing of contactless Debit MasterCard card

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