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0700 1 58 85
02/93 00 181 - phone number for 24/7 contact with the bank's cardholders
02/93 00 181
phone number for 24/7 contact with the bank's cardholders
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Municipal Bank AD offers, with a schedule coordinated with you, the following types of transportation of cash by armoured vehicles with a high degree of security and protection, collector, and armed security:

  • Collection - from customer's site to Municipal Bank AD's safe box;
  • Transportation and security of cash withdrawn by authorised representative(s) of the customer to its premises dedicated to keeping cash, at the customer's seat, or company units specified;
  • Transportation and security of customer cash with no declared value among customer-specified sites.

With its team of highly qualified security experts and collectors Municipal Bank AD offers you the opportunity to avoid all potential risks when transporting your cash and other valuable consignments.

When utilising its collection services, Municipal Bank AD's customers pay a fee by arrangement, depending on the amount of the amounts collected, the transportation distance, collection type etc.

Please refer to Municipal Bank AD's branches and offices for more information.