Mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate for the first year

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  • Fixed monthly loan payment  for the first year in a market with rising interest rates;
  • Free Life insurance up to a certain loan amount;
  • Bonus to an approved mortgage loan - credit card or credit overdraft with a pre-approved limit in the amount of two net monthly wages and no fee for credit analysis and collateral.


Currency BGN и EUR
Minimum size 10 000 BGN/EUR
Maximum size BGN 500 000 / EUR 250 000
Up to 80 % of the property’s market evaluation
Minimum term 1 year (12 months)
Maximum turn 30 years (360 months)
Annual interest rate
  • fixed interest rate for the initial period of one year min 3%, depending on the monthly income
  • variable interest rate for the remaining period, (Methodology of Municipal Bank AD for the formation of a variable interest rate on loans granted to individuals)
Fees and commissions
  • for creditworthiness and collateral analysis - from 0.50% to 1% of the granted loan;
  • for valuation of the property - according to the Tariff of the valuation company;
  • for renegotiation upon interest rate changes - 0.95% of the amount of the outstanding principal;
  • for early repayment - 1% of the repaid amount during the first 12 months of the term.
Collateral Mortgage on a completed residential property - apartment, house, floor of a house with a separate entrance, studio, garage, together with the adjacent parts of the land or the right to build.
Age of the loan applicant

Min. 20 years as of the date of the loan decision.

Max. 65 years of age on the loan repayment date.

Repayment Repayment schedule with equal (annuity) or decreasing monthly payments
Additional services
  1. Maintaining a current account with the Bank for loan utilization and repayment throughout the contractual term;
  2. Conclusion and maintenance of property insurance for the real estate provided as loan collateral for the entire term of the contract.
Required documents

Representative example

Размер на кредита Лихвен процент ГПР Срок Месечна вноска Брой вноски Общи разходи по кредита Обща дължима сума
BGN 100 000  3.00% 3.16% 30 years BGN 421.60 360 BGN 53 318.37 BGN 153 318 .37

Fees, commissions and other costs included in the total loan costs:

  • annual interest rate – 3.00%;
  • one-time commission fee for creditworthiness and collateral analysis – 1.00%;
  • fee for drafting an application for mortgage cancellation – BGN 60;
  • fee for conducting a check of the collateral with regards to entries in the property register – BGN 10/excluding VAT/year;
  • fee for valuation of the property offered as Collateral – BGN 120.

The example was prepared for a loan repayable in annuity installments
*The APR calculation does not include the costs for mortgage establishment, removal and renewal and the collateral insurance..