Credit Cards

The MasterCard Credit Cards with chip are a type of bank card, guaranteeing to the cardholders much more security thanks to the chip embedded in them.

The main advantage of the MasterCard Chip Cards is that the data in the chip are securely encrypted not to allow copying through illegal access and subsequently to be used in an illegal way.

Municipal Bank’s MasterCard Chip Cards also have a magnetic stripe allowing problem-free acceptance also on non-chip-compliant terminals.

Municipal Bank’s Credit Cards allow you to rely on additional funds, to service them in the whole world, using the best possible terms and limits.

Exchange Rates 1.12.2020

Buy 1.94620
Sell 1.96000
BNB Fixed Rate 1.95583
Buy 1.59750
Sell 1.67450
BNB Fixed Rate 1.63258
Buy 1.77330
Sell 1.84330
BNB Fixed Rate 1.80444
Buy 2.14600
Sell 2.22600
BNB Fixed Rate 2.17689

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24/7 telephone No. for our cardholders