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Investment Projects Finance

Municipal Bank AD offers the full package of financial services in connection with the preparation and execution of municipalities' and corporate customers' investment projects. Through its network of international partners the Bank is able to offer competitive terms, responding to the specific requirements of the customers, thus guaranteeing optimal effectiveness of their investment projects.

Range of investment projects of interest to the Bank

  • City infrastructure;
  • Public and private transport infrastructure;
  • Central Heating Systems;
  • Gasification;
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water supply and sewage;
  • Preservation of the environment;
  • Corporate capital investment;
  • Construction;
  • Trade and tourism;
  • Information technology;
  • Industrial innovations.

The Bank offers the following services in relation to the preparation and realization of investment projects:

  • Financial and legal advice;
  • Preparation of project documentation including business plan, cash flows prognosis, debt servicing plan, legal opinions, economic rationale;
  • Finance structuring;
  • Presenting the project before potential investors;
  • Negotiations;
  • Agency in cases of third party finance;
  • Project management and monitoring;
  • Servicing banking operations.

Major Projects Realized by Municipal Bank AD

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