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02/93 00 181 - phone number for 24/7 contact with the bank's cardholders
02/93 00 181
phone number for 24/7 contact with the bank's cardholders
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Municipal Bank AD has an in-depth knowledge of the budget sphere and rich experience in servicing:

  • Municipalities of regional, district and local magnitude with a complex, multi-tier structure of finance and management of the budget amounts, taking into account the specificity of the local budget, the dynamics of development and restructuring of the municipalities;
  • Second level spending government agencies, part of the Single Account payment system;
  • Other budget operators.

The Bank offers:

  • Cooperation and qualified assistance in solving problems related to banking service and changes to the budget regulations;
  • High quality service in accordance with the budget's legal and regulatory provisions;
  • True and accurate information on the Bank's segment, considering the execution of the State Budget Act on a national level, corresponding to the information at all levels and degrees of budget operator/agency;
  • Qualified information by different criteria for the purpose of analysis, reporting, and effective management of budget funds, enabling the budget operators to take working and managerial decisions;
  • Partnership on the basis of trust and mutual respect.

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