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01.12.2014Representative Coin of Goddess Tyche offered by Municipal Bank

Municipal Bank offers all connoisseurs a unique limited issue coin inspired by one of the most iconic images of ancient Serdica – the Goddess of the City, Tyche – epitome of the pursuit of prosperity.

In ancient times, the image of the Goddess of Serdica appeared on the first coins of the city associated with the name of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 A.D.). Ancient coins with the image of the Goddess of the City, Tyche, were minted in small quantities, making them rare and valuable worldwide. The coins with her image found in the recent large-scale archaeological excavations in the centre of modern day Sofia are an exceptional pride for Bulgaria.

The coin has a limited mintage of 1000 copies for the entire world. It was minted from a precious metal – silver of the highest purity standard – and is presented in a luxury wooden handmade box.

Each of the elements of the image of the goddess has its symbolism and represents the eternal human aspiration for peace and prosperity. The inscription on the coin curves along the oval, reading the Latin maxim “Crede, quod habes, et habes” and its translation into Bulgarian „Вярвай, че имаш и ще имаш“ (“Believe that you have and you will have.”). The name of the city in Greek and Bulgarian has also been written – respectively “CEPΔΩN” and „София“.

Exchange Rates 21.1.2022

Buy 1.94620
Sell 1.96000
BNB Fixed Rate 1.95583
Buy 1.68830
Sell 1.76530
BNB Fixed Rate 1.72502
Buy 1.85670
Sell 1.92670
BNB Fixed Rate 1.88387
Buy 2.30630
Sell 2.38630
BNB Fixed Rate 2.34892

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