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19.11.2012Quick and Easy Money Transfers around the World with Municipal Bank AD

Municipal Bank now offers quick and convenient money transfers via MoneyGram. The Bulgarian financial institution is already partnering with the international company, through its official representative for Bulgaria – Factor I.N. JSC – and offers its customers money transfers worldwide.
"We expand the services in the portfolio of Municipal Bank AD and enable our customers to quickly and easily receive and send money worldwide. We insist on quality and secure services we provide to our customers, which is why we trusted MoneyGram – a reliable and proven international company. We believe that our customers will have the convenience and flexibility when making bank transactions and money transfers with the new services," Ivanka Popova, Deputy Chairperson of Municipal Bank and in charge of Retail Banking.
"We are pleased that Municipal Bank is our partner in Bulgaria. Thus we can provide quality services for fast and convenient money transfers at much greater range of people. Our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and will provide quality service to users of Municipal Bank," the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Factor I.N. JSC, Mrs. Tsenka Naskov, and the regional manager of MoneyGram - Mr. Radu Pozoga, shared.
According to the BNB,- remittances from the country abroad amounted to BGN 152 million and transfers from abroad to Bulgaria exceeded BGN 310 million for the first half of 2012.
MoneyGram allows express transfers to be made taking no more than 10 minutes to receive. The maximum amount allowed for a transfer is €7,000. There is no need for a bank account or bank card, and the service is available in all outlets of Municipal Bank.

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