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Settlement in Foreign Currency

Payment orders in foreign currency presented at the Bank by 15:00 h shall be executed in accordance with the customer’s desire, the currency, and the payment system applicable:

  1. With a value date not later than the next business day – for transfers in Euro on the terrirory of the European Economic Area;
  2. With a current value date – for Express Transfers executed at the discretion and possibility of the Bank. The Bank shall charge an additional Express Transfer fee in this case;
  3. With a value date up to two business days as of the date of presentation – for any other transfers not ordered as above.

Charges are payable for payments in foreign currency in accordance with the Tariff in force at the Bank.

Exchange Rates 2.12.2021

Buy 1.94620
Sell 1.96000
BNB Fixed Rate 1.95583
Buy 1.68850
Sell 1.76550
BNB Fixed Rate 1.72868
Buy 1.84600
Sell 1.91600
BNB Fixed Rate 1.87574
Buy 2.25500
Sell 2.33500
BNB Fixed Rate 2.30098

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