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General information about loans in BGN or EUR

Municipal Bank AD offers all major banking products and services related to lending to individuals.

Credit Parameters and basic requirements for authorisation: Under the terms of the relevant credit products.

Credits are remunerated: monthly with Annual interest rate

When applying for and concluding a credit deal, borrowers pay fees and commissions under the current Tariff of the bank, and in cases where the collateral is a mortgage on immovable property-and for the valuation of collateral.

The Bank does not collect commission for early repayment of consumer and mortgage loans. 

Standard Application Documents:

Exchange Rates 16.4.2021

Buy 1.94620
Sell 1.96000
BNB Fixed Rate 1.95583
Buy 1.59640
Sell 1.67340
BNB Fixed Rate 1.63394
Buy 1.74240
Sell 1.81240
BNB Fixed Rate 1.77062
Buy 2.20900
Sell 2.28900
BNB Fixed Rate 2.25448

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